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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Review of the Year/Resolutions

2006 wasn't so bad you know, jumping at professional opportunities was fun - picked up a job from a guy on a train! Did my first lecture to other professionals and got paid for it (that said it wasn't particularly good so I dont think they are going to ask me again) and wrote and presented training DVD's for the first time (they were a lot better I was quite pleased with them).

I sailed for the first time in about 20 years and got my RYA stage 1 certificate back - and then did what everyone does when they come back from a sailing holiday, do nothing about doing any more sailing!

After a storming start my theatre attendance went right down the pan - amounting to A Man for All Seasons and Wicked! - poor show, must do better!!

Finally we did all the things we have talked about doing to this house for the last 5 years so it's been decorated and has new bathrooms - just as we are about to sell it of course!

In 2007 I'm going to set up my own practice, learn to scuba dive and go to Borneo. That'll do I think.

*Haven't forgotten about the David Tenant thing* - but have a date for a major bike ride today and a party tonight so, bit pushed!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Baby sisters.......

It doesn't matter how old you are your little sister will still;

Sit in your kitchen in her pyjamas while you make her tea and toast

Leave your house with a big pile of your CD's under her arm

Wear much smaller jeans than you AND (which is worse) explain in laborious detail how she wears teeny tiny jeans by eating soya yoghurts, linseed and carrot juice.

Take you up on offers to "try out" your new, expensive cleanser and moisturiser.

Eat your chocolate truffles.

Take your child out to do all the fun stuff , bowling, pantomime etc while you like bloody Cinderella are at home ironing and washing up!

.............still think you are bloody marvelous!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

*Back Soon*

I'm in a darkened room with a large G&T and a towel wrapped around my head, drafting the post that will be worth the wait. The ILLUSTRATED why David Tenant is foxy.

With examples - and comparators ....and other know EVIDENCE!

After effects

I'm not sure what I've done to deserve a face full of spots and a sore back - must have been a good Christmas!

Off for a hot bath full of some quack remedy essential oil and a mug of honey and lemon ..not sure either will achieve anything but I will feel that I've made an effort.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Dead Days

Call me peverse, but this is my favourite part of Christmas, the Dead Days between Christmas and New Year. The one time in the year when it is perfectly socially acceptable to do nothing except have hot baths, walk the dog and read Christmas books.

No guilt for not going to dance class or yoga because the studio is closed!
No cooking as there is enough food in the fridge to feed an army for a fortnight.
And the office is closed for another week. It is worth all the angst to get to this point.

High spot of Christmas Day - Dr Who! Sorry but any bride who got scooped up by David Tenant in a tardis would jilt thier poor fiance immediatley, even if he wasn't in leauge with a giant spider.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh Thank God!

No work for a week and a bit!

Spent the afternoon in the pub, which probably wasn't the best prelude to an evening at the mother-in-law's but to be fair to her, she is very understanding of those who fall asleep on the sofa!

The neices and nephews made me feel incredibly ancient, the ones who were toddlers at my wedding are now at college. And it's a bit weird to be the only "first wife" still in circulation, I think I make the second wives nervous for some reason, too much knowledge perhaps?

There is stuff to do today -but the goose is here, the champagne is in the fridge, I'll cook the ham tomorrow (it can sit in a nice bath of cloves and cider all night and will taste so much better for it in the morning!) for now I'm going back to bed with a cup of coffee and a book. I NEVER get to do that!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Shortest day ; according to the local white witch (come on it's practically Wales there are loads of them, at least I didn't consult a druid!) we should spend the daylight hours in walking and meditation and the night in feasting and pleasures of the flesh....

Which sounds great, apart from the fact that I am in the office which is the least medatitive place on the planet. However, I shall be donning the ipod shortly and immersing myself in the last of the nasty jobs before the new year - maybe concentration can do double duty as meditation, just this once. I do find meditation a challenge, I am hyper active because the inner me is very dull with no discernable resources.

But of cours, the great advantage of the WINTER solstice is many more hours of darkness than daylight. So by my calculations eating and shagging time out numbers reflection and meditation time by two to one.......hurrah!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


If I could just work out what to do with this mood would improve a whole lot. Where I come from they call it "mardy" - it's a horrible combination of bad tempered, bored, tired, irritable and frustrated. Wanting to do everything but being able to settle to nothing. Hating everyone and myself most of all! If I was a runner I suppose now would be the time to go out and run until I dropped, at least then I'd feel like I had achieved something.

I am the most hateful, ungrateful brat in the entire world.

And that is nothing to be proud of.

Know what else is dreadful - Christmas cards that you can't work out who they are from? A signature that's indeciferable but a message that is personal and up to date, so they clearly know us and what's going on ...but who the hell is it from????

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rougher than the average Bond...

Well, weeks after everyone else, I finally saw Casino Royale last night.

And what's left to say? Daniel Craig is a remarkably well put together bit of totty. Far more attractive in the Lippy sense of the word than poor old Pierce ever was. I do like a bit of rough.

But the plot didn't bear any examination at all did it? A few good ideas, beautiful treacherous girlfriend, Bond in love,(not withstanding the TB making mock puking noises all through the beach scene - what is he 6???) nasty torture....but who was behind it and why ? The only villan we really knew about got killed early on - Le Chiffre at the end of the day was a middle man. Ah well, at least the villan doubled as extra totty in this one...had a bit of a thing for Mads Mikelson for a while.

Dame Judy though - fabulous, love her always.

Blogger in Beta

You know the worst thing about blogger in beta? It's not the can I/can't I comment on posts debacle, irritating though that is. No it's the loss of the fabulous and infinitley diverting "search all blogs".

Without "Search all blogs" I would never have discovered "The London Review of Breakfasts" a publication which I cannot commend highly enough. I would never have been able to evesdrop on "Legally Blonde" and her mates from law school, whom I will be trying to spot from amongst the applicants next time I have a trainee to appoint. Search all blogs was as dangerous as it was seductive. Who was searching my blog and what did they have in mind? Which begs the question ..whose idea was it to scrap it???

Conspiracy theories to me at this blog.

L xx

Monday, December 18, 2006

Books and more books

I am an un-recovering book-aholic and amazon is my dealer of choice, along with Foyles when in town (although I can't quite get the hang of their on line ordering service!)

Books bought in November 2006:
The Ruby in Her Navel - Barry Unsworth
The Emperors Children - Claire Messud
The Idler - Green Man Edition (is this a book or a magazine?)
The Idler - War on Work Edition
Madhur Jaffrey's New Curry Bible (christmas present from TB)
Claudia Rhoden - Middle Eastern Food (christmas present from the baby)

Books read in November/December 2006
The Idler - Green Man Edition
I particularly loved the article on "Zen Slacking" which makes the following suggstions;

"24 : When you find yourself getting that "trying hard" feeling, take a pause and try less hard. Drop down a gear.

17: Don't ask why the world is mad - it just is"

I was far less enamoured with the interview with Keith Allen in the "War on Work" edition - the man is an unreconstructed nob, and anyone male or female who has anything to do with him has only themselves to blame!

The Emperors Children
A tale of dissapointed wanabe overachievers in literary Manhattan...not one sympathetic character out of the lot of them..buch of pretentious gits.

The Ruby in the Smoke - Philip Pullman

Bought this for the baby, but we ended up reading it together aloud - how fabulous! A book where a girl struggles for social graces is an ace shot and wonderful in business! Also a cracking adventure yarn, Victorian London, opium dens, conspiracy, dark deeds in Wapping! It's wonderful - pretend you have a niece or nephew if necessary and go and buy a copy!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Confessions of a Raving Sexist!

I admit it - I am sexist. Men are decorative, nice to have in your bed or kitchen and OK to talk to...but really they can't ever be expected to achieve in life or be your friend in the same way that a woman can. You think I'm kidding? It's bred into me, my great aunt didn't believe in women's prisions, she said "no woman could have done anything bad enough to warrant being sent to prision and if she did some man obviously drove her to it!"

So when women are horrible to other women I find it unforgiveable. And mothers who didn't want daughters or don't value them in the way they do their sons? "Give those girls to me, and consider yourself banished from the sisterhood with immediate effect!!!"

So, with this background, you can imagine that I'm having grave difficulties with the new secretary who was clearly gutted when she found out that the high earning, scary litigation partner was female....tough break babe. And yesterday I even found it in myself to criticise, in front of the whole of the open plan office naturally. It went like this "if you are going to slag me off in front of the whole office, you might want to make sure that I'm not standing behind you at the time."

Don't take me on sweetheart, you will lose.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006's no fun at all!

You know it's December when you have given up on porridge or muesli and are scoffing Roses chocolates and double espresso's for breakfast instead.

It's just a miserable time of year isn't it ? Here the whole town is virtually submerged due to rain in North Wales and weird flood defences. The workload is just stupid as in the season of goodwill everyone has decided to sue their neighbour nay, not just sue them injunct them, why not? It's Christmas after all.

All this ill will, and minor health problems ( to whit, infection in both eye lids, cold and some girl stuff you don't want to hear about) makes me long for home made soup. This is what I have as comfort food, not suggesting you try it , but works for me;
One onion
One potato
One Chorizo sausage
Cup of frozen prawns
Cup of frozen sweetcorn
Mug of milk
Mug of stock
About a tablespoon of unsalted butter

Soften the onion and potato in the butter until the onions are cooked, then add the chorizo cut into pieces and brown off. Then add the stock to the pan and cook until the potatoes are cooked and very soft. Turn the heat very low, add the milk, prawns and sweetcorn and simmer gently until everything is mushy. Add more sweet chilli sauce before you eat it if you like.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Office Politics

If you are going to play office politics you have to really understand the rules of the game.

In particular if you are going for the "lick the bosses arse and step on everyone else on the way up" strategem , you have to move fast and have wear teflon body armour. .

Otherwise the people you are standing on tend to move randomly just to drop you onto your arse and have a laugh at your expense !!

It also helps if you are actually know what you are doing!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

10 Great things about being 2 and a half stone overweight!

In the age of the "size 0" celebrity, I think it's important to celebrate what I've got! So for the average sized of us (that's a 16 uk) lets remind ourselves of some of the benefits:

1. Fabulous skin and hardly any wrinkles,

2. A great rack and no silicon implants in sight,

3. Being surprisingly sexy

4. The amazed look on skinny yoga practitioners faces when you can do everything they do and more

5. Tap dancing with your round jolly mates


7. Having "presence"

8. Not going to bed hungry

9. Not having to wear stupid trendy clothes because they don't fit!

Hurrah! For middle age and wobbly bits!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

So wazza plan?

Well the TB and me are sick of boring ourselves stupid, so rather than attempt to recreate what we have here when we move the plan is...

1. TB takes job with current firm
2. I set up on my own doing something or other....plans to be formalised
3. Rather than buying a house we build one, hence avoiding stamp duty on the move as you only pay stamp on the plot and not the build....

2+ 3 = 1 completely ridiculous idea, but what the hell, time is marching on and we'll soon be coffin dodging with the best of them, time to go for it.

In the spirit of which - the AB is going to sit the scholarship exam for a terrifyingly expensive public school, 'cos she likes the look of the cadet force, if she gets the scholarship she can go!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


When you work all day in an office (however supposedly high flying!) the boredom and inertia level is such that lunch can become something of a highlight. So I am a bit obsessed about the quality of my twenty minute break.

And have reached the following conclusion; good coffee = pants sandwiches and vice versa. I like Starbucks coffee but their butties! And cafe Nero ones are worse still. Pret has great sanwiches and coffee that makes you wish your tase buds hadn't bothered. Our local owned sandwich bars have the same problem - my favourite chicken tikka panini comes with burnt coffee...yuk!

Any answers???

Monday, November 20, 2006

Never challenge a welshman;

Extract from conversation on Skype:

Lippy; after all that I fuss about buying one I left the rabbit vibrator in my hotel room last week and i'm too embarassed to ring and ask for it back.

Tickers; I'd ring, I have no shame, that's £40 down the pan, give me the number.

Lippy; 020 ***** ******

Tickers; Ok I have a call to make.....

Lippy; I don't beleive this

Tickers; Took a bit of explaining, I had to say, you know, a rabbit, a vibrator , a sex toy , but they will ring me back if they find anything, although the chamber maid has probably knicked it.

Lippy; Oh MY GOD!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Channelling Winner's Dinners, just for Frobes;

Caraffini is one of those sleek, shiny, caramel blonde Italian restaurants on Lower Sloane Street. The waiters wear deep royal blue shirts to perfectly set off deep tans and deeper brown eyes. They weren't exactly in the mood for a bunch of stiff, middle aged lawyers wanting to talk shop, but they made the best of it.

Of the starters the special of crab ravioli with prawns in a sea food broth, was a clear winner, technically perfect with a "don't try this at home" warning. The chicken livers were good - but almost everything else came with the over ubiquitous "balsamic" and so became a taste merge. I had rabbit for the main course - too salty for me, I think the duck with bitter orange would have been a braver and better choice. Service was quick with a polished slightly over rehearsed charm. And despite the chef's assurances to the contrary the chocolate mousse was made with cream, and not just eggs and chocolate as the bistro classic purist in me demanded.

The following night the girlies and I retired to the Hoxton Grille to talk telly and giggle in a "those blokes at the next table are totally checking us out" kind of way. Little cousin is working on the new Jim'll Fix it Show and has lots of great stories, best mate was interviewing the Lord Chancellor for a serious documentary andt the parallels between their two experiences were a bit alarming. The Grille was as ever fabulous - I had the most perfect steak with chips and bernaise sauce, and it was so good that I didn't care what anyone else was eating! There was no room for puddings but the house espresso is excellent. The staff are young, good looking, enthusiastic and tell me I'm their favourite regular - flattery will get you everywhere.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The murk in my brain and the joy on my plate!

I am so bad at taking criticism it's pathetic. A couple of things go wrong and I first of all bridle at it and then sink into a slough of self hatred and "why am I so crap" ness. All very juvenille - but honestly heart felt and something I really really struggle to deal with.

Self esteem being less than a milimetre thick and put to the test at every turn it seems to me.

Oh well never mind.

Ate a lot of nice dinners in London - although the Hoxton Grille steak took a lot of beating, Lincoln's Inn dining does very nice canapes and there is an Italian in lower Sloane street that made a crab ravioli soup that was an absolute dream!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Future undecided

It's strange isn't it how once you have made the decision to move from something - in my case a job, you can't get out of there soon enough!

Unfortunatley due to contract terms and school year looks like I have to stay where I am until end of June 2007, it'll probably soon go, but seems like an age from where I'm standing.

I have a day off in London - yay, party to go to tonight, but between now and then no commmitments!

Biggest decision of the day, what to have for breakfast!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Really not fair!

Something strange seems to have happened to my alcohol metabolism. I now go straight from the drink to the headache, without the being bladdered part in the middle. Sign of age you think?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's the weekend!

Nothing to do and all weekend to do it in ! At last and hurrah and stuff.

OK got people coming around for lunch tomorrow but that doesn't count really - just knock off the usual roast dinner and drink plenty and all will be well!

I actually got to walk through the doors of the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand for the first time yesterday - pretty pathetic considering I have been qualified for twelve years. Appeared in front of a Queen's Bench Master - unlike most lower court appointments there are no chairs in a Master's room, he sits, you stand, thus firmly establishing the order of priority. He was utterly scathing about my application and then granted it anyway..then had to burn around London wall in a taxi to serve the thing by hand before 4.30. All exciting stuff at least the cabbie thought so. Got to go back next week to finish the job.

But before then we have Robin Hood - it is pants, it really is, but it has cute boys so who cares.

And Torchwood- although is there a night in the week when Torchwood isn't on telly?

And next week - THE NEW JAMES BOND! - can't wait - looking like my ideal Bond from here, sort of Rough-U- Like Bond! Yummy

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Infamy, Infamy..they've all got it in for me!

You know those weeks when the world is against you - boss, colleagues, the man on the bus who doesn't even know you.

Add to this Frobisher accusing me of knocking back the cooking sherry (Marsala darling, cooking sherry, the very thought!)....and you have the makings of a very bad week.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Last post had to go - I don't take it back, but given the content probably best not to advertise. The reason I was so incensed? I am organised, VERY, and I'm sorry if the work is hard but don't blame me if you can't keep up!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Coming Down...

Having spent the whole of October running on adrenalin it's come down time, and as always it feels bloody awful.

At these times though - however strong the temptation to sleep for two days it must be resisted, otherwise I feel worse. So, shopping, long dog walk, firework party next door....everyone else was driving so we of course had to keep our hosts company while they had a drink or several...bad move!!

And friend for lunch today; Lippy's Sunday Lunch Menu - Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Roast Parsnips, Carrots, Peas, Purple sprouting broccoli, creamed celeriac, gravy. And for pudding home made tarte tatin and clotted cream. Lovely - and clearly a good part of the reason I am such a size 16 lard arse! (as I have a US reader I'd better translate - that's a 12)

I do need to try to get fitter so I cope with the maddness better ...

Still telly tonight, in the blue corner we have Torchwood - we like Captain Jack, although so obviously the token yank friendly lead, we like the nasty plots - but wasn't the alien sex fiend an episode in the first series of Angel??...anyway that's nit picking Torchwood is class telly, and may with a little work even become telly royalty like Dr Who.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Underpants over trousers !

Outside the covers of a John Grisham novel it's a rare day on which a lawyer gets to play the hero. But just occasionally I get to pull someone's business out of the fire, save them from the consequences of their own stupidity and have the large scary baliffs who have come to take their home away slink away hurt.

And guess what - today is one of those days. And it's a crisp, clear, frosty November morning too.

So underpants on over trousers boys, I'm sure we can leap another couple of tall buildings while we are at it.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Old story but good...

Years ago I had a very good male friend who had been a lover. He was great fun, very funny, played in a rock band , but had a bit of a problem keeping his clothes on in my company. This led to a few bizarre incidents with me fully clothed and him naked drinking cups of tea.

His explanation..."it's like when Hindus take their shoes off before they go into the temple. When you go into a sex goddesses room you take your clothes off!"

Cute - but not cute enough to make me carry on shagging him!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nightmare on Great Eastern Street.

If anyone says to me "gosh you are so clever" one more time, while not actually listening to what I'm saying I will kill them.

I'm not clever.

I have nightmares about people with long black witchy fingers reaching into my head and pulling bits of my brain out. Then they let the bits of brain slip and slide through their fingers and then suck their fingers clean.

I know....I do need to get out more.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I got stood up!

Oh dear - was supposed to have supper with my cousin tonight but she had work issues and couldn't make I ate all alone in Shish on Old Street, poor me!!! *g* Nice enough food I think but not spectacular, and nothing on the Hoxton Grille last night - grilled rainbow trout with asparagus, now that was spectacular.

I've been such a good lawyer today - did my voice overs this morning, walked to the studio (Old Street, Clerkenwell Road, Holborn, Chancery Lane) took 45 minutes and I was quite impressed with myself. I suspect the rest of the world thought I was even more barking than usual as I bounced along with The Monkees Greatest Hits on my ipod!
Walked home, worked on a 5000 word paper that's got to be in tomorrow - tonight may be a late on luckily in a hotel room with very nice coffee! Then went for a swim. Good grief there is so much time in a day when you don't have a husband and child - I'm pretty sure I'm glad it's only temporoary!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

To Do List

Things to do to this blog when I get home;

- add link to Banksy's site if only for the graffiti on the Israel "security" wall , the man is a genius!

- post the answer to the clients "if you were me would you run this case?" question and give a fuller explanation than "no"

- think of something really interesting to tell you!


Apparently The Champs blog has been removed by the powers that be at blogger.

How fucking ridiculous is that !! And what was supposed to be offensive anyway - no porn, no look how I beat my wife this week pics, no drug habit details....ok I never told him about my French grandmother but you know xenophobia is not a hanging offence last time I looked. It was fair - I didn't admit to him/her (the jury is still out) that I hate Americans either!

Where is the fair determination by an independent tribunal??? Oh yeah that's in the EUROPEAN Convention on Human Rights - probably doesn't apply to yanks. And probably wouldn't apply to us either if the likes of Dick Cheyney had their way.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Work stuff

Back to London tomorrow afternoon until either Thursday or Friday depending upon whether or not one particular client has got thier brain in gear and found their bits of paper.

Ego trip

I love it when the AB has mates round. 10 year olds are ridiculously easy to impress;

"You know how to make pizza?.......*awed intake of breath*..that's so COOL"

Life's Too Short

I learned this morning that my cousin (same age as me, kids the same age as mine) has breast cancer, already had emergency mastectomy and starting her chemo today.

So it's definatley time for the Life's Too Short, post here are my top 5 and I'd be really interested to hear your top 5 if you'd like to comment.

Life's too short to....

1. Say "I wish I could do that" - whether you are gazing through the door of the tap dancing studio or looking wistfully at an electric guitar, stop wishing and take a class!

2. Live somewhere horrible - buy paint, plant sunflowers, buy Pledge and a duster, really it's not that hard.

3.Be too embarassed to say "I love you" and mean it - I've embarassed the crap out of myself loads of times and I'm still here!

4. Not look after your friends - I have a couple that I need to phone this morning, bet you do too.

5. Stay in the same place - travel as far as the budget will allow! I must admit to a certain racist reluctance to go to the USA along the lines of "why should those bastards have my fingerprints I'm not a fucking criminal!" but I shall get over it, buy a ticket and explore. Although I'm still going to Morocco, Istanbul and Cambodia first!!! Oh and Germany- why have I never been to Germany??

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You've seen me at my worst.......

It's 6.30am on the Thursday of my so called "week off" and I'm finishing writing the script for the DVD that we shot last week. It has to be done today so that the producer can mark up the tapes over the weekend ready for edits and voice overs on Monday. It was an interesting shoot last week, two new "presenter" skills got nailed, the "walk and talk" and using the autocue.

But now, having trailled to and from Suffolk and worked like a bastard all month, I'm knackered and have a sty in each of my eyelids (that's right all 4).... I look like a pug.

But this is the bit that matters isn't it, what you can achieve on your worst day, how nice you can be to the person you fucking hate....that's the mark of a person, that's who you are.

The Far East...

It may well be that in the spring tribe Lippy is moving base camp from the Wild West Midlands to the Far East....ok well Bury St Edmunds. So it being half term the TB and I have been over to investigate and find out what visa's we need and whether the natives are friendly.

And it's very nice, we could afford a house we like I think, I would have the possibility of striking out on my own as Lippy Inc, in a couple of possible incarnations and TB is quite excited about the new challenge.

But we both have the monster guilts about moving the baby's school. She is at such a lovely school now and stupid idiot here thought I could move her to a sister school over there on virtually an internal transfer. But not only is it far too far away, but they have no after school provision...what????? So only people with nanny's or stay at home mum's are allowed to send their daughter's there obviously....

I will find a happy solution for all of us, but for now frankly, I'm a bit gutted.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

As close as I'll ever come to lit crit;

You'd want to take me to a desert island, I can clean and gut fish, pluck and clean birds and then I can cook them so they taste really nice. I know how to shear a sheep and milk a cow, and I've even butchered a sheep so you wouldn't starve. And although any shelter would be a bit jerry built, the vegetable garden would be good and everywhere would be short I'm a fan of self reliance. If you can cook you can cook what you like, my gran who was a tailoress could make herself a suit that she had seen in a picture in Vogue overnight. Skill = independence. Which is, when you think of it, why the Prince of Wales cuts such a pathetic figure, the skill less man, requiring a servant to clean his boots and squeeze his toothpaste.

So I should agree with the thesis in the book, "How to be Free" which puts forward the same proposition at length. But I can't, I seethe with irritation as I read. Well for a start anyone who proposes Keith Allen as any sort of a role model has to be a few prawns short of a barbie. And the proposal of disengagement from the world, of ignoring it I just can't swallow. If you fail to engage with the world someone else will do it for you - and are they making a better job?

I agree that small scale endeavour can work brilliantly. I shared a taxi from Euston to the City with a lady who had given up research on tropical diseases in order to promote African music. African people needed to stop looking useless and in need of help to westerners she said, and one way to do it was to show the world their art and music. Fantastic I thought - that's small endeavour, but that's not disengaging from the world, that's taking the world on on your own terms. Very different, very different indeed.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I am working away from home far too much ! And when I'm not it seems the TB is. So peeps it's time for a rabbit, but which? I've narrowed it down to either , the Thriller, the Thruster or the Platinum.

Any views?

Friday, October 20, 2006

I LOVE the Hoxton

Oh yes I do ...mwah...real milk in the fridge, a whole half pint and no charge, and two bottles of mineral water, no extra charge, and clean Egyptian Frette cotton sheets every day and free wi-fi...I shouldn't be telling you this you will all book and I want be able to get a room.

And added bonus, it's not scary walking home from the tube late as you just follow all the pissed up clubbers heading for Hoxton Square ...they still wear bondage trousers you know and they still look terrible. I used to have a pair of those , pink leopard print ones, well it was 1977. I thought they were well cool as they matched the pink streaks in my hair - oh dear, the photographic evidence I am grateful to say has largely been destroyed!

Anyway - Wicked the musical is wonderful. The thunderous sound of hundreds of gay boys shouting their approval to the spiffy new show tunes can be heard all over Victoria. And in an added "fag hags together" bonus, I tripped over Geri Halliwell on the way to the ladies...she is teeny teeny tiny, like a big doll. Home tomorrow yay - tribal belly dance workshop awaits.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Robin Hood

The new Robin Hood has been cast with the same degree of sexist cynicism as was deployed in forming Take That, viz;

Generational lust objects set up as follows;
Robin for the teenagers
Will Scarlet for the tweenies
Guy of Gisborne for the mums
and The Sherrif for Granny

Oh and Marion for Dad and Grandad who are a much easier audience to please.

Why Take That - because they put Mark in for the gays and Jason Orange for the thirty somethings, got that wrong didn't they!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

The last post was pants but I was very tired.

Why did I hate the Holiday Inn?

1. Reception Staff with REALLY bad English; it's late and I'm tired and I really don't want to have to cope with people who have to write down the room number before I have the first clue where it is.

2. Tatty Bathrrom; either clean the taps or buy new ones, I don't care which, but at £135 a night they really shouldn't be in that state.

3. Inclusive breakfast rip - off ; I can't eat breakfast when I'm working, in fact I can't eat when I'm working full stop. And I do really resent paying to not eat.

4. Piles of exchange students from somewhere or other - yes I'm a snob, sorry.

5. No cabs!! - well eventually cabs but I have piles of books and papers to carry and the tube isn't an option.

So Lippys guide to the alternatives (all east end or city so you can get a cab home after the pub - the cabbies are all heading home to the east end so they don't mind giving you a lift!)

The Novotel Tower Bridge - does the same job as the Holiday Inn but much better and with a nice understandable French accent.

The Grange Holborn - for when someone else is paying, the BEST swimming pool in town and huge huge rooms.

The Ibis Commercial Street - nice clean minimalist plastic pod. And really convenient for the S&M cafe in Spitalfields. (that's sausage and mash actually!)

Dispatches from the Hectic Front!

Home for a night - yay!

So far on the London trip - 260 people at my lecture today , well lectures actually I gave 2 one hour papers. But bloody hell that's a lot of people!!

The Holiday Inn Kings' Cross is yuk - not my choice btw. Staying at the Hoxton the rest of the week where I hope for MUCH metter things.

And my dear dear friend the senior lawyer who wrote a novel on her day off has pitched said novel to Universal studios - but you will be relieved to know she's a lousy cook.

Off for a bath and a kip in my own bed!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bright Lights Big City

I'm still in love with London - other people hate it I know , but I've never lived there for long enough to be bored or be bothered with the irritations it inevitably throws up in every day life. I love that there is always somewhere new to explore, new places to discover and the fact that my friends all want to see me so I always feel insanely popular while I'm there.

So I'm off this afternoon - lecturing at a conference tomorrow , dinner with friends tonight, back here to work Tuesday, back down Wednesday for a meeting dinner with cousins Wednesday night, Filming Thursday and Friday - drink with unrequited lust object Thursday night and then off to see Wicked on Friday. Loved Wicked the book - fascinated to see how it turns into a musical!

Also I'm staying at the Hoxton - I will be the oldest, fattest, least trendy person there but I don't care!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sort your life out!

The trouble with months like these when work is so difficult and time consuming is that you miss stuff. Two deadlines have been missed where either letters have gone missing or people didn't respond to me and I didn't chase them. Not the end of the world, but it doesn't look good..especially when people are spending the sort of money they spend on me.

Still now the help has arrived things should be getting better.

And I have a weeks holiday soon - not going anywhere but might manage some fresh air and exercise, both of which are sorely needed. I've become hypnotised by my computer and there are books to be read out there you know!

Friday, October 13, 2006

What's to tell?

Very little....

Filming again next week, for the training DVD people. Which means uptight interviewees to be soothed, prima donna producers to placate and the sound man fircling about with his hands down my jumper!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Chinese Horoscopes

I'm ridiculously pleased to find that I was born in the year of the Tiger (1962 to save Frobisher looking it up). However on checking on compatability with other signs neither the rat nor the snake that I currently knock about with are the reccomended companions for a tiger.

No, in fact the Chinese horoscope confirms what I've always thought, what I actually need is a horse!! And I'm thinking that the four legged variety probably scores extra points over any human incarnation.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I know that my links section in this blog is woeful, and doesn't begin to contain all the blogs I read. So it's up for an update - joining the gay corner will be glitter for brains (natch - we love lee) and Gertie's Blog - because he is so naughty and wonderful.

The ladies who rule - will of course have the phlegmfatale added and Alice's wonderland (although I do worry about her with you lot - be nice she's only a baby!)

The World Champ will get a link - even though nobody voted for me in his femme fatale poll, it was noted, do not think you are forgiven even slightly!

So who have I forgotten or missed, who should I be reading that I'm not???

Sunday, October 08, 2006

You can't make me go!

As soon as I qualified and was allowed to determine the cases I wanted to take I stopped doing family law. For two reasons; I had no sympathy at all with the parents and I wanted to take all of the children home with me.

Occasionally disputes between unmarried couples fall out of the domain of the family court and into commercial litigation - where there is property, businesses and so on. And strangley enough I feel just the same about it. He or she may be a complete bastard/bitch but sorry and all that, it's not my fault and I didn't force you to live with him/her. Why do you care who gets the washing machine ? They are £250 at Scottish Power, I'm £158 per hour and you have been arguing about this for a week - do the maths!!!!

Such a case goes to trial today. If I get through today without stabbing myself in the throat with an HB pencil it will only be because none of my pencils are sharp enough to have any effect.Or because self mutilation to avoid unpleasantness is childish.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ancient History

I'm sure that I've mentioned this before but my first proper job after leaving college was teaching in a boys boarding school in Western Australia. It was interesting, 60 miles to the pub,but only 50 yards to the best beach I have ever seen.

The kids entertained themselves by shooting kangaroos and growing dope. The fall out from the badly tanned kangaroo skins that they insisted on having on their beds as trophies was actually worse than the dope problem....the whole town was smoking the dope but the flies found the roo skins and the smell was something else.

I was given a horse, which was fun - horses are cheap in those kinds of places, keeping horses is not so cheap, so the day after by visa expired my horse was shot.

I cried all the way home and vowed to go straight back and 22 years later I still haven't managed it!

Fat and Forty v Ms size 00

After years of dieting I'm starting to feel quite reactionary about the whole thing.

So I'm fat and forty you got a problem with that?

True I wouldn't want to be any fatter - size 16 (US 12) is plenty round enough, but I no longer have any unfulfilled desire to be skinny.

Apparently I'm still sexy enough to be getting plenty.
And the brain is working well enough to be earning plenty.
And the clothes from my favourite shop fit and look good.

So I'll do the exercise I enjoy because I like being fit and leave it at that....and keep doing the splits for as long as I'm able!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The truth the whole truth ..

Occasionally and just for fun you get a witness on the stand who couldn't, to use a cliche, lie straight in bed.

They are stupidly, very definatley certain about facts that don't matter and which are absolutley clearly provable lies.

For example - "So you gave up work after 30 years did you?"

"And you have said that in both of your statements?"
"Yes I loved that job and I worked there 30 years."

"Well that's just not true is it?"
"Yes it is , I worked there 30 years."

"No it isn't Mr X because you didn't start work when you were 3!"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Any offers?

I've always risen up with proper feminist fury to the phrase "she needs a good seeing to", but bloody hell, since my secretary split up with her boyfriend and is hence no longer getting the regular supply she has become impossible. Moody, mardy, bitchy and clearly in dire need of shagging all ways round into next Tuesday.

So my options are clear - I can either find her a willing bloke with a stiff willy or I can just cut through the crap and stab her to death with the nearest pair of scissors.

If I find any more little love notes on my filing tray saying "single sheets of paper only please no files" then the scissors may just slide into my hand and from thence into her jugular of their own accord.

So gents if any of you feel you could oblige her (39, blonde, looks like Jackie out of Dr Who) then I will pass it on and hopefully save myself from murder, life imprisionment and fighting off bull dykes in the shower block.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Lippy Lives

Worked all weekend and then until ten last night and the pile is still not getting any smaller...relentless doesn't begin to cover it....argghh.

One day I will have the time and inspiration to write a post that is vaugley informative and perhaps even, *Shock! Horror!* entertaining. But today is not that day.

So this is basically just to confrim that I'm not dead.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don't tell the kids at school your mother bakes her own bread

they will think we're hippies" - advice from TB to the child.

I work in a profession that reveres and is at the same time terrified of time. We measeure what we do in units of "chargable time", I account for the way I spend my day on a time sheet in units of six minutes. I know what I am doing at work every minute of the day and so does everyone else in the office. At the end of a job I review the time spent and wonder "can I really charge for that 24 minutes of research? should I have known the point? will the file stand it?" If the client is unhappy with the bill he can ask the court to "Tax" it so the judge reviews the time spent; "It took far too long to settle those witness statements an hour and a half would have been more than adequate!"

So I don't find it strange that in my "spare time" I like to do things that require disproportionatley large amounts of time for the result - yoga, knitting, baking, reading, all activities for the time rich , which I'm not, and therefore all luxuries to me.

And anyway - I don't care if everyone thinks I'm an old hippy!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Ta- dah!

It's Friday - yay and yipee and stuff.

Not much happening at the weekend, so we can pause for breath a bit before the onslaught which is October....but apart from two trials, filming, giving a public lecture, C's "ladies lunch and pamper party and her birthday" and a massive family party as my cousin is here from Australia, I suppose there is not all that much happening in October either.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Actimel & Prozac

Did you watch Stephen Fry last night? Bloody fantastic I thought.

Although I'm not bi-polar I have suffered from depressive episodes, down to a mix of genetics and overwork. Other people have heart attacks - I shake and can't get out of bed. And the one thing that struck me as so true about all of the amazing people that he spoke to was their desire to ignore it and carry on, and really hating themselves for the depressive attacks. That is almost the worst thing - feeling such a bloody failure and such a fool for feeling that way.

Someone once asked me to describe how depression feels and the closest I can get is "it's like you've been peeled - someone has taken your skin off and so everything hurts too much", a couple of other depressives recognised that feeling too so I can't be far off.

The only thing I've ever regretted saying about it was to a judge who has muttering about "some bloody woman on anti-depressants" to which I of course replied "Well everyone takes them don't they? Actimel and Prozac, breakfast of champions!"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


it's such a beautiful day and i'm in a really low mood - for no reason. Well the work is going badly, for which read, REALLY BADLY, but that's no reason for a low mood. Enough self indulgent bollocks.

Being dyslexic I'm usually far from picky about spelling and grammar. But I'm trying to read an American text book and it's starting to drive me insane! Fiber - what??? FIBRE thank you very much. Color - now that's just lazy, COLOUR. Arrgggh. I may have to give up and just stop reading, either that or I'll tear the ruddy thing apart with frustration.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Man envy

So Victoria Beckham doesn't think she is as good looking as her husband - well news flash love, no one else thinks you are as good looking as your husband either and no amount of starving yourself and having placcy boobs is going to change that fact! Get over it!!!

I'm not as good looking as the TB either, but I have taken the "So?" attitude to this for many years, which only falters slightly when secretaries drool over the photo of him in my office, and say things like "well your old man's really lush isn't he". Doesn't stop him being a bad tempered git on Monday mornings though, let me tell you!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Why is relaxing so exhausting? I finally went and spent the Spa Day voucher I got for my birthday today, so I've been massaged, my wrinkles have been plumped up by an "oxygenating facial" and my nails are tidy. Also went for a swim, and then in the steam room so I'm extremely clean. Anyway - now I'm pooped, or maybe that's from chasing the dog round the garden after he stole my knitting.

Interviewed spiffy new lawyer on Friday, charming, keen , not overly ambitious (ambition makes us hyper ambitious types nervous you know!) well turned out and funny. We want him, oh yes we must definatley do. We just hope he'll be OK...after finishing the interview and wishing him a safe journey back to Wales the TAA (terribly able assistant) and I had only one question "do you think he'll be OK being the only gay in the office?" I think he will, and Rob in the Crime team certainly won't be able to get away with the hideous lime green shirt and yellow tie combo anymore. A gentleman who is good with colours! How fab - maybe the days of orange pin stripes and "he got dressed in the dark!" are drawing to a close at last.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Unlike Arthur Dent who could never quite get the hang of them I've always rather liked Thursdays - a childhood legacy I think, my parents had a chemist's shop and so worked on Saturdays but Thursday was their half day closing. To celebrate the tended to go shopping and buy cream cakes for tea!

What is it with the weather however, why are we having the weather we should have had in August (28c) at the end of September - some weather god somewhere hates school children and is determined to fry them as they try to learn and soak them when they are on holiday.

There is a great organisation around here called "Flicks in the Sticks" - who show movies in village halls, complete with mobile bar, it's ever so civilised, you can even take your knitting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's a question of Style

Someone this morning complained about my lack of grammar, vocabulary and the ability to spell. Which made me cross, but then I thought well, this is me and if you want me to do this for you then you either accept my limitations or employ someone more expensive.

But it did remind me of one of my early supervisors who, on reviewing a document that I had prepared said "It's a question of style Lippy, some of us have it and you quite clearly don't." Harsh, but possibly in the ego driven world of the law machine,not quite fair.

Monday, September 18, 2006

3.30pm Monday

I've always thought that if I could just crack half past three on a Monday afternoon then I would be close to enlightenment.

But here it is again and I am just as bored and irritable as I usually am. And feeling horribly justified in thinking "why am I working my arse off when no one else , it seems can be bothered?"

Is it the time - I'm a morning person so my downward spiral has definatley begun?
Is it the day?
Is it just having an unrealistic expectation of myself?

Anyway - in the absence of any better ideas I've bought flowers for the office, lit a scented candle, and I'll just plug myself into the ipod and bat on.....Miles Davis I think.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Use it or Lose it.

Bloody hell it's hard work being middle aged! Staying still requires effort and any attempt at self improvement, well, easy results are no longer an option.

What's brought all this on? Well the TB has been appointed "family fitness trainer" with the job of getting us doing active things. Notwithstanding that AB and I both dance he is still fitter than both of us which is most unfair! So this weekend - 4 mile walk up a hill with the dog Saturday and cycling to the swimming baths and back with an hours swim in the middle this morning.

We've been promised the golf driving range next weekend for a bit of light relief..and luckily for us we also have an ice rink and a dry ski slope in town, so who knows what else we might get up to!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Quiet Weekend

For once a quiet weekend and not so many jobs to do that it is a mere "turnaround" job - you know the ones, when all you manage to do is change your bed, walk the dog and cut your toenails before it's Monday morning again.

I will - in order not to be shamed by the terrifying number of active people out there at least swim and go for a long walk at some point. And cook - hurrah for weekends and proper cooking, bread, a cake and a roast!

I also have to read some French - my classes start again on Wednesday and needless to say despite all good intentions I have looked at nothing Francais since July! Tap starts on Tuesday and Belly dancing Thursday , so it's all good.

So for now I'm tidying the office and tidying up my script and playing with my new "gear for ipod pocket party" what a wicked little bit of kit!

There will be better less dull, less me me me posts shortly, promise.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mists and Mellow Fruitfullness.....

Well it's definatley autumn, cobwebs full of sparkly dew on my window frame, big fat red rosehips in the garden, there are so many elderberries the tree is almost falling over and the dog has ticks. Yes it's that parasite time of year again the AB's had headlice already and she's only been back at school a much for expensive private education. Although the electric nit comb is great, and really the only time you get to electrecute living things for fun without being arrested.

I'm still reading JM's novel ready to review it. It's a rattling good yarn, but typically any one else with THAT many ideas would have written three books, JM's only written one - she even manages to work in a high speed chase between two hearses going along the M4. I must post the link to amazon. It's a good fun read for an autumn evening.

I have to say that I do generally feel ready for autumn, its reasonably predictable that there will be loads of fee earning work and classes and we will be a bit short of cash. That much I know, it's always Spring that manages to catch me on the hop!


Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hopefully comments are working now! - although I'm not able to comment on blogs of people in ordinary Blogger for some reason! *sigh" so I am SO NOT ignoring you.

Worry of the day - am I sweating because it's not and humid or is it my age and my hormones??

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fame at Last?

I taught a continuing professional development lecture today - went all right I think. I was particularly stunned when a guy came up after and said

"you don't know me but I'm an admirer, good talk today and I thought the training DVD you did was really useful!"

I am so chuffed it's ridiculous...makes up (almost) for the being knackered, on my own in a hotel room and having a bloody huge pile of work to do. Oh well never mind.

Must go off to pizza express for some sustinence!

Monday, September 11, 2006


I have a day off -which is cool, so I'm heading out in to the garden to read my book in a minute. It's the new CJ Sansom "Soverign" one of a series of legal thrillers set in Henry VIII's time, when it was a lot more dangerous being a lawyer than it is now. I commend them to you if you are in need of a diverting afternoon, very accurate and good on legal history and detail. And of course, written by a lawyer.

My friend JM (she's quite a scary friend actually, the first barrister that I ever instructed) has written a book and I have a copy to review. She is officially one of those "How the hell did she do that?" people. Busy practice, family.....probably just knocked the book off on one quiet Sunday afternoon. I'm afraid that my idea of multi-tasking is sticking the bread machine on while I check my emails!

Oh and I have yoga this afternoon - how indulgent is that, yoga on a Monday afternoon!

Have fun!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Crap !!! - since when did that appear at the top of your blog page people!

Serves me right, I shall have to now behave absolutley beautifully....oh dear.

My fried Kaz came for supper, she's working in Tesco's on the weekends to pay off a bit of a credit card blunder, so we're doing our bit by feeding her and providing veggies from the garden. Anyway, she tells me that there is a definate fragrence to certain customers, known as "badly cared for batchelor" smell. It's fousty, musty and instantly recognisable have been warned!

Reality check

Child "Get real Mum no one would fancy you!"

Me "I think you'd be surprised"

Child "No really Mum, lets face it you're a bit ugly"

Me "You told me that I wasn't ugly"

Child "I was being NICE ! "

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I want my blog back!

There it is, I do, I've tried cold turkey and frankly chaps, it's not working. So whose to know if I get myself a little blogging fix first thing on a Saturday morning?

Just promise me you won't tell OK?

My wanna be actress child did her first open audition last Sunday and didn't get the part. She was clearly gutted but handled it well. I was, I admit, frankly releived, those that were cast had monstrous pushy mothers who were shouting at them to warm up at eight in the morning. And whats more these women were frankly huge and obviously did nothing but ferry their poor kids about frantically projecting their lost ambitions on to them at the same time.....GET OVER IT LOVE!....come to the adult tap class with the rest of us and lose a few pounds.

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