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Monday, October 27, 2008

Hunter Trial

Didn't fall on head today - did however get beaten by 12 year old daughter, which on reflection is how it should be....I now have two pairs of filthy dirty riding boots to clean!

Friday, October 24, 2008

"Come On!"

"Come On" - said in a Stoke accent a la Robbie Williams in Rock DJ to reflect my roots. Stoke, that is, not Robbie Williams, although I did work in his Dad's pub once. The Red Lion in Burselm when I was a student - I think Robbie was about 2 at the time!

It's grey, it's raining, I need to go and get some practice in for the Hunter trial on Monday - it would not be cool to go around the course having not ridden at all for three weeks. I fear this may only serve to bring foward the part where I fall on my head from Monday to today but never mind.

OK I solemnly sware that at 4pm today I will shut the door on my office and not open it again until Monday afternoon (Hunter trial in the morning) whatever happens.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Supper Club!

I have got such a cooking head on's just a lovely crispy, autum, lets make the most of having a massive kitchen day - don't you think?

So as a dedicated home worker I will settle my two sets of court papers, send off the cheque for my new practising certificate (the Law Society are robbing bastards -£1000 a year just to stay on the roll in return for which I get precisely nothing, thanks boys!). And then I shall get the old apron on.

I am planning - chocolate/cheesecake brownies (where you alternate brownie and cheesecake mixture in the tin so it comes out marbled), spiced pumpkin soup and a sour Goan chicken curry. Not to be eaten all at once obviously - hmm, might even try to make some Nan bread, I'll see how I feel. Bright sunshiney kitchen, baking smells, Radio 4 - heaven! I am SUCH a cheap date.

Monday, October 20, 2008

French and Saunders, wop a doey ooh!

So French and Saunders - the Still Alive tour. I had front row tickets for the first night - and honestly the place was so packed with celebs I didn't know whether to look at the stage or the audience. I was "THAT" close to Gok Wan who was sitting in the row behind, with an exquisitley pretty blond boy who I sincerely hope was his boyf, and I didn't scream "Gok Gok I love you please be my new best friend" - which I thought showed commendable restraint. Lenny was there (obviously) and Jane Horrocks and all the Dibleys and Catherine Tate (with her mum), Lisa Tarbuck (oh my God I'm WAY thinner than she is ! I was amazed!).

Anyway, yes , yes the show.....the good bits of F & S are funny and make you wince at the same time. There was a sketch about public school kids left in the boarding house for Christmas which was so spot on I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, or yell "I know her, it worked out OK in the end!". Too much big screen if I'm honest, and for me too much slapstick - although the two old men sketch at the end was horrifically hilarious. The original Ab Fab sketch with Dawn as Saffy was as good as I remembered and all in all I had a stonkingly good time. Thanks girlies!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Oh bollocks to it - I have awarded myself a couple of days off! - I'm going to see French and Saunders at the Drury Lane theatre on Thursday with a jolly good mate of mine, hurrah.

Will be back on Friday evening - hung over and no doubt poorer but at this point I'm not sure that I care all that much.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I am working my second Sunday in a row - which is good for the finances but little else.

To tell you the truth after practically jogging around London to see clients at the end of last week , I was hoping to a quiet start to this one - but no chance. Got to be in Chancery Lane at 11am tomorrow and need to be ready for it. And I don't even feel as if I've turned myself around properly this weekend either. There is still a big pile of laundry that needs finishing off and I could do with a weekend in the spa from the look of me.

How to balance this out ?

I am deeply jealous of anyone who has had a "go rip it up" weekend - no chaance of one of those, and I am not even sure that I could stay awake long enough to enjoy it.

Survival tips warmly welcomed!

Monday, October 06, 2008

So who do you want to win Strictly?

Strictly Come Dancing is the only "reality" tv that I watch..I can say with hand on heart that I have never seen the X Factor or Big Brother or anything else but when it comes to Strictly I'm addicted.

Why? - apart from a bit of a Len crush which is disturbing enough in itself. I like all the spangly bits and thinking "with a few lessons I could do that" . It is clearly a girl thing as while the AB and I become frantically excited the TB retreats to his office and works and even a scantily clad Lisa Snowdon can't tempt him into the sitting room.

So back to my question - who do you want to win?

I really like Jodie - I think because she reminds me of a very old friend (who was also very tall and an ex-model) who died very young and who I still miss dreadfully. But with my honest head on she hasn't got much of a prayer.

Cherie I would love to go far, as the standard bearer for all of us who aren't 20 any more.

I think Rachel Stevens may well win which would just be really annoying.

And out of the Tom/Austin stand off - haven't made my mind up - but hopefully I have several weeks of delicious lechery ahead of me before it's necessary to make a choice!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

How did it go yesterday?

Well as you ask - not very well.

In the novice dressage test I only got a 4th place - nice try but no rosette. To say that my daughter is gloating over my fall from grace doesn't begin to express the true depth of her feelings.

And then in court I lost, due to the fact, as the judge commented to me in the robing room afterwards, that my client was " a lying little toe rag"..........well spotted Ma'm.

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