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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moving On

Tomorrow morning a couple of removal vans will arrive, pack up all our stuff and move us across the country. For some odd reason it feels as if it isn't really happening, as if I'm making it up and nothing will change. It'll seem real by Thursday that's for sure.

By this time next week there will be no hills on the horizon - literally not figurativley! - I wonder if I will be able to get used to those big skies with out the feeling that I have now that I'm falling off the edge of the world!

Won't have reliable internet until next Friday so see you then!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thick and Thin

Well if ever a reason was needed NOT to be Victoria Beckham then today's papers have it.

As VB on the plus side you'd have shit load of money and regular sex with golden balls.

On the debit though - No FOOD! (eep , if you've seen me I'm a girl who likes her food - the dieting traumas of this blog bears witness to that!) and dear God her thighs! - it looks like a shark has taken a large bit out of one of them. I'd rather have my slightly chunky with a bit of cellulite on the side ones than that! Nothing she wears could ever make her look intelligent now everyone knows she did that to herself! (it's lipo gone wrong apparently! - like she ever needed lipo where is the adipose tissue to suck for heaven's sake! And not having enough of the right nutrients in her diet to maintain her skin tone - yuk!)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Me and JK Rowling

On Friday I had serious doubts as to whether I was going to be able to transport 2 children and 1 husband to Lonodn in safety..all morning people had been ringing me with flooding horror stories, Liverpool St Station under 2 inches of water, phones not working due to flooding etc.

But we had to go - driving down the M6 was seriously wet and a bit scary, why do people drive that fast when they can't see past the end of the car? We got to Rugby and collected the nephew and then changed to the train. All the station announcements were telling people "please do not travel today there is serious distruption throughout the rail network" - but magically (?) our train was running and was on time.

I had booked taxi's in advance ( fantastically expensive but worth it!) so after the children had a nap, we left for the Natural History Museum at midnight, our tickets were timed for 1am. The museum looks gorgeous flood lit, very Hogwarts in a paler more glamorous outfit really. The queue was very jolly! We were let into the museum on the dot of 1am, but then hit a hitch, JK was well behind schedule. So we took our goodie bags (including the free book) and headed for the cafe. All plans to NEVER read the signed copy went out of the window as we had a two hour wait!! So we read, ate crisps and chocolate brownies and read!

JK was lovely, very very pretty with great taste in shoes, really nice to the kids and not looking even slightly tired.

The TB is swanking as he says she signed his copy with a kiss - it's a squiggle man are you blind?

And there was something fab about coming home on the train with everyone reading the same book!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


So F*****g tired in fact that writing this may be a very bad plan.

Too much work and too much going on , in summary! - had two days in London again this week, with one hour meetings that turned into 3 hours meetings , which is great for the fees and terrible for the schedule.

Never mind - do some bills and cheer up!

Back to London tomorrow to meet JK - so excited! - and the Natural History Museum at midnight has got to be a cracker in itself. And in better news a ticket turned up for the Toy Boy too - so I'm no longer the lone adult (well ish) on the trip!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have a bad head! ( and I deserve it)

Sorry for absence - been busy, work is arriving and I don't seem to be doing it fast enough. My mind is strangley unfocused and my work days have a worrying absence of "flow"

So today's projects are being undertaken with a searing hangover to see if that helps at all - purely in the interests of research you understand....In a begnin twist of fate, we had the only dry evening for months for our leaving party last night . I have to say in the interests of country kitsch that the back garden bore more than a passing resemblence to a village fete last night, we had a marquee, we had bunting and we had a bouncy castle. Luckily given the proximity of drunks to said bouncy castle there were no broken bones. The AB had the once in a lifetime experience of being on a bouncy castle with her mother, grandmother and aunt! - way cool!

Now it's raining again......

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Sabbath Walks

By 1785 Ironbridge was the firebreathing epicentre of the industrial revolution - Dante's inner circles of hell made manifest some said, coal mines, iron foundries, the Bedlam Furnaces all belching out smoke and worse.

The Ironmasters were generally Quakers - barred from the great universities and the professions because of their religion they seem to have taken to commerce like ducks to water. Kays (shoes), Clarkes (also shoes) Cadbury (chocolate) Abraham Darby (the first iron bridge!) all Quakers.

So down in the gorge the iron masters took a paternal view of their workers, providing decent housing on the whole and to try to slow the death rate and keep drinking gambling and whoring in check one of them set out and made public the Sabbath Walks - paths through the surrounding woodland and countryside that would keep you fit and out of temptation if you walked them on a Sunday.

Yesterday was Sunday - so we walked through Jackfield and Coalport along some of the Sabbath paths and the old railway - and the gorge is so beautiful now, probably at it's most beautiful as none of the trees are so very old. We ended up walking 7 miles rather than 5 because we missed Jackfield Bridge - how can anyone miss Jackfield Bridge it's huge!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

"The Proper Care and Feeding of Middle Aged Women!"

I'm going to moan again so look away now !

When you are 45 like me your physical "bounce back" ability and your "zone of eating shit and looking OK" both decrease very markedly year by year. I have comfort eaten for two weeks and so I have put on 5lbs and look like pooh! - I have exercised don't get me wrong, just haven't exercised enough. I also have zits and bags under my eyes like cargo trunks - SO this week, no drinking, no eating shit, going to bed at 10pm and at least two lots of 30 mins exercise a day! You heard it here first - and to start off on the right foot I'm drinking water in the office at 7 on a Sunday morning while I finish working on this evidence and then I'm going for a walk up a hill!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Out of the Comfort Zone!

I surely am out of the comfort zone, a way out on a limb somewhere and swaying about in the wind. While I am waiting for some other people to do stuff I have the opportunity to "review" the way I work and so I am.

In particular trying to make an initial research paper more comprehensive and user friendly so that it's content can be moved across into other documents later to save drafting them from scratch..

But reviewing takes time and is of itself a procedure that creates uncertainty- will this method turn out to be better or worse? Am I being sensible in trying to plan more or just pithering about and wasting time?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New life???

I have been self employed for two and a half days and I am fast becoming nocturnal! Daylight hours are insuficient for the amount of stuff that needs doing between the house, the child and the job.

It would be vile if I wasn't enjoying myself but - panic stricken hysteria apart - this is great fun. It's my schedule, my pace, the jobs I want to do.............

I like it!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Does this mean we have to stay sober?

It did occur to me on Friday night as I walked down Chancery Lane only to be turned back by a police man, that the time you are most likely to run into a terrorist attack is when you have had a drink, or two or three.

Friday my mate H had FINALLY passed the insolvency exam. The important point being that we had spent the better part of the afternoon in a marquee in Gray's Inn drinking industrial quantities of Pimms'. So we set off in search of supper, not too much the worse for wear but a bit only to be sent on a detour around Linclon's Inn Fields and the Aldwych. Not too much of a problem, having had that much of a stroll we carried on to the Eye. Now the Eye was surprisingly quiet, maybe due to hightened level of terror alert? So we decided to go for a sundown flight, which was stunning and I do reccomend it.

Some poor sap in the next capsule was doing the whole, get engaged on a champagne flight thing! Don't do it unless you want the rest of the population clapping and taking photos! - not subtle and what if she had said no? - I digress.

Back to Joe Allen's for supper then walked back to the Bonnington - didn't encounter any more bombs or anything looking like a bomb on the way but that was more good luck than good judgement...still can't let a terror threat ruin your evening can you?

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