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Friday, July 22, 2011


There should be a blog called "what I had for lunch" and there isn't, why is this?

I work from home so every day at around this time, the big question , regardless of the content of the in box, is "what to have for lunch?". Too often this is solved by a trip to the co-op for a rotisserie chicken to pull apart and a baguette. Whilst this is lovely it clearly lacks imagination.

I am not big fan of cheese. Soo any sort of cheese arrangement is out.

In my worst ever lunch phase at university years ago I subsisted on something we called "tuna fish rissotto" - tin of tuna, fried onion, tin of sweet corn heated through with some ready cooked rice...actually sounds quite nice I may have to ressurect it.

This is clearly a subject requiring further thought and research.

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